“Dr. Bock and Somer have saved my life, and the supplements from Bock Nutritionals have played a huge part in my healing path. These are some of the most high quality supplements on the market. Having Somer and Dr. Bock hand select them for me has been so helpful. I highly recommend Bock Nutritionals, and Megan is wonderful in helping me order and taking care of my supplement list each visit!
In Wellness,
We cannot thank Bock Nutritionals enough for the high quality of supplements they provide for our family.   We trust their brand and are thankful for the level of service as well. It is nice that they can meet the needs of our entire family with their wide range of choices.  Thank you."
Brittany M.
"For the past eighteen years I have had peace of mind knowing the supplements I purchase are high quality and a great price. Ordering is convenient and orders are processed and shipped promptly. Above all, I am most grateful to everyone at Bock Nutritionals and Bock Integrative Medicine for their caring support! Thank you so much for transforming my son's health and for having such a positive impact on our lives!"
Tina and Cory G.
“My son and I have multiple health issues. We have been using Bock Nutritionals clean, high quality supplements for years.  Our health has improved immensely, Bock Nutritionals has given us our life back.”
Sara G.
"Our family has been seeing Dr. Kenneth Bock for 21 years. When we first went to Dr. Bock back in 1998, he started our then 5 year old daughter on his line of supplements and herbs. He was treating her for a variety of issues, including very bad asthma and allergies. From day one, we knew he was the doctor we had hoped to find. Although we had not heard of many of the supplements he introduced us to back then, it became clear very quickly that he was a groundbreaker. We noticed a difference in our daughter immediately. It was such a relief to get her off antibiotics and steroids and to see her become a healthy, happy child again with his supplements and herbs. I have been seeing Dr. Bock for the last couple of years for three different tick-borne diseases; Lyme, Bartonella and Borrelia Babesia. He has been treating me with his supplements and herbs, NO ANTIBIOTICS, and I am now showing no signs of the tick-borne diseases. We consider ourselves very lucky to have someone like Dr. Bock and his wonderful, caring staff in our lives. The knowledge they all have regarding the supplements and herbs is literally life changing!"
Forever grateful,
Donna O.
“To say that Dr Bock and his protocols have changed my and my children’s lives is no overstatement. We first became acquainted with Dr Bock when one of my children was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months. She had lost her language and was exhibiting a confluence of symptoms that any parent would be concerned about. A diagnosis confirmed those fears. Dr Bock put her on a protocol and it was when we added one of his enzymes that she suddenly had tons of diarrhea and then 24 hours later started talking. It was as if she were asleep and then she was awake. It’s not that the supplements “cured” her autism. But now we understand she had suffered from some gut trauma and these supplements healed her gut which eventually healed her brain. She does NOT have an autism diagnosis anymore. In fact, at her last Neuropsych evaluation the doctor said we should never use her name and autism in the same sentence again. So let this be the last time. Thank you Dr Bock and your nursing and supplements team for truly moving the needle for our girl.”
Atoosa R.