Product Description

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NeuroProtek® is a unique all natural oral dietary supplement in a soft gel capsule which may promote harmony in and between the mind and body.  NeuroProtek® uses an exclusive combination of flavonoids, based on the published scientific research. NeuroProtek® is formulated to maximize effects of flavonoids while also overcoming any absorption obstacles. NeuroProtek® contains the flavonoids: Luteolin, Quercetin, and Rutin.  Unique to Algonot’s family of formulations is olive kernel extract and flavonoids.

$ 39.00

Suggested Dosage: 

Minimum Daily Dosage – 2 capsules per 20KG (44lbs) of body weight

Maximum Daily Dosage – 3 capsules per 20KG (44lbs) of body weight

Maximum per day 9 soft gel capsules per day.

Recommended dosages work best if separated throughout the day. As often recommended when starting something new, please go Low and Slow.

Please confirm all dosage with your personal physician. Consumers should also be aware of the fact that other supplements containing e.g. curcumin, pycnogenol or grapefruit seed extract contain flavonoids that may interact with the flavonoids in NeuroProtek. In such cases, or when taking large doses of L-tryptophan, the dose of NeuroProtek should be decreased or other supplements discontinued.



Servings Per Container: 60



Serving Size: 1 Softgel



Calories (unsaturated fatty acids) 3 *
Proprietary Blend Containing:
Luteolin 100 mg *
Quercetin 70 mg *
Rutin 30 mg *


Other Ingredients: Olive pomace oil, gelatin, glycerin, extra virgin olive oil (in olive pomace oil), purified water, sunflower lecithin, carob extract and beeswax yellow Free of: Artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, corn, eggs, fish, heavy metals milk/casein, peanuts, preservatives, salt, shellfish, soy, starch, tree nuts, wheat/gluten and yeast.