Starter Pack: The Holy Trinity


Dr. Bock sat down with Kris Carr to discuss some nutritional supplementation basics:

There is no substitute for specifically tailored nutritional support. 

Work with your healthcare practitioner to test and develop a protocol that specifically addresses your needs!  A "one size fits all" program is a secondary approach, and loses the fine tuning gained with carefully monitored bloodwork.  Of course not everyone has access to a tailored supplement regimen, so there are some basic starting points that benefit most people.

Not all supplements are created equal.

Pay close attention to the source of your supplements!  Quality differences play a major role in the efficacy of nutritional supplementation.  Look for reputable companies that submit to 3rd party testing to verify their product quality, and meet or exceed standards set for supplement manufacturing.  High quality supplement manufacturers take special care to produce products that are:

  • Free of potentialy allergenic ingredients and/or contaminants. 
  • Accurately labeled.  (All ingredients in the bottle are on the label!)
  • As potent as promised!

Sometimes a healthy diet isn't enough!

Even with a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and proper stress management, nutritional supplementation may still be required to combat the level of toxins we're exposed to on a daily basis.

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