Be Healthy, Give Health

Why We Give Back

Last April, I set out to find my birth family in Medellin, Colombia. Within two weeks they were found. I learned of my birth mothers struggle to get me the medical care I needed to become a healthy child. I came back to the US and knew I needed to give each and every child the same chance I was given at becoming a healthy child,  for they deserve nothing less. 

~ Jordan Bock 


50,000 Children Fed

Green Tea Leaves


1 Supplement = 1 Meal 

For each purchase of our supplements, one nutritious and locally sourced meal will be donated to an orphaned child in Haiti, Honduras, and Ethiopia.

Green Tea Leaves


Proceeds Sent

All of our proceeds raised are then sent to these 3rd world countries every quarter. We work directly with the non- profits The Hugo Project and Rice Bowls to help deliver proceeds and meals. 

Green Tea Leaves


Children are Fed! 

By the end of December 2020, we are hoping to have fed 50,000 children. 

Our Partners

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